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Even Linus Torvalds thinks Linux is getting too bloated

Check out this news item from Fudzilla, reporting on the juicy bits of an interview with the daddy of Linux published in the German newspaper Zeit Online. Here’s the money shot: Torvalds moaned that Linux has become “too complex.” He was worried that developers will not be able to find their way through the software. [...]

Tuesday Quickie – Linux kernel exceeds 15 million lines of code

This article about the above mentioned news labels the event as a milestone – I wouldn’t be so sure, as 15 million lines in the kernel alone sounds kind of bloated to me. Perhaps for their next trick, they’ll actually cut some of the fat out of the OS and get it back to its [...]

Yes! Intel eats up Samsung’s mobile OS sloppy seconds in hopes of building another powerhouse

Ever since Google announced its intentions to acquire Motorola Mobility, it has been widely assumed that the two largest Android manufacturers – Samsung and HTC – would react to the news in some way to retaliate and defend themselves from a possible ambush.  With Google, the company that is trying to compete with everybody, noone [...]

Community Response – The silly “Microsoft restricts Linux” argument

This guest post was written by John Obeto II, the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Logikworx. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of SmallBizWindows and the Publisher of The Interlocutor, a newsletter devoted to Small and Medium Businesses from a Windows and Microsoft Technologies standpoint. He is the Executive Vice-Chairman of Coolers Nigeria Limited, and [...]

There is no Windows 8 UEFI controversy and everyone needs to shut up

For those of you wondering what all the fuss is about: In late 2011, there was a bit of a stink kicked up about Microsoft‘s new super-fast UEFI secure boot feature in Windows 8 which allows PC manufacturers to finally ditch the traditional BIOS in new PC’s. (As a side note, Apple have been using [...]

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