SEGA says “Sonic 4 Ep II is coming, but not for Wii”

Tails returns.

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Here are some long awaited details on Sonic 4 Episode II.

SEGA announced over the break via Gamespot that Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II would be coming soon (2012) and for a lot of systems including iOS, Android, PS3 & Xbox 360 but it would not be appearing on the Wii platform.

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This is because the Wii-Ware platform has a size limit of 50mb for downloads which is not large enough for STH4:E2.

Little has been said about Episode II, however Ken Balough the digital brand manager for SEGA USA stopped by Gamespot to talk Sonic 4 Episode II and revealed a few things including, New Physics Engine, Gfx Engine and more importantly that they have listened to fans over concerns with Episode I and have fixed what they can.

He doesn’t mention whether or not it would see a Wii-U release but I’m assuming we will see one.

The interview is a good one and you should take a look below:

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