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Video – MW3 Commentary- Discussing the perks in COD

In this video, I provide a commentary discussing the different perks in Modern Warfare 3 and which ones I think are the best/useless.

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Video – MW3 Commentary on Underground!

Check out my latest video -- Modern Warfare 3 game play with me commentating on how I believe that the next Call of Duty game should be a WW2 or equivalent shooter  instead of all the Modern Warfare poop.

Hope you enjoy!

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Why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 deserves two reviews

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Call of Duty is known as the anti-Robin Hood of our time: It steals from the poor consumer and gives money to the big bad company aka Activision.

However, in light of the overwhelmingly positive reviews from large reviewing websites and, conversely, the incredibly large amounts of hate that hipsters have garnered towards MW3 just for the sake of hating something, I have decided that neither extreme perspective is correct.

As a result, I have decided that  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 deserves two reviews.

“Two reviews?” Yes that’s right – and here’s why:

Should violent games take the blame for the Olso attacks?

No Video Games

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A Re-look at somethings that shook both the real and gaming world….

As you may or may not know, on the 22nd of July 2011, a madman/terrorist whatever you want to call him took to the streets of Olso Norway and the

We feel very sorry for Norway’s loss and our hearts go out to their people.surrounding Utoya Island killing over 90 with bombs and shooting others.

In the man’s (who will not be named because that’s what he wanted FAME!) manifesto he states that he played some violent video games, more specifically Modern Warfare 2.

Some news groups and media outlets have now said the man’s actions are because of video games.