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Will all the Vita haters please shut up!

PS VITA (PlayStation Vita)

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The PlayStation Vita has garnered a lot of hate over the past couple of months – some of it is deserved but a lot of it is not.

Yes, we all know the Vita should have globally launched before Christmas and possibly with a smaller price and without 3G as it is stupid idea. And, we all know that the sales have been close to atrocious in its home country of Japan.

But I promise there is something good to talk about.

We all know that the Vita is not doing so well in the eastern markets but it is of my opinion that we shouldn’t all spell doom and gloom for the Vita just yet.

Here’s why:

Retro Video – Five embarrassing and hillarious E3 press conferences

I found these videos in the archives and thought you’d get a few laughs out of them.

First up is this stitch-together of Sony‘s E3 2006 press conference announcing the Playstation 3 and the PSP. It makes Sony look like a bunch of fools. Very funny.

The Wii U is coming out second half of 2012 – big blunder or smart move?

Wii U controller!!!

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As we all know, the next generation of consoles is  just around the corner! The first of the new breed that we will see will be the Nintendo Wii U (unless of course you count the PS Vita).

The Wii U was first shown at E3 2011 – or, should I say, the controllers were shown at E3 – which lead to some confusion that the Wii U was just a tablet (like the iPad). This of course is thankfully not the case.

We now know that the Wii U is set to release in the second half of 2012, which may or may not have been earlier then the big N wanted to. This is possibly in response to Sony releasing the aforementioned Vita and the high probability that Microsoft and Sony must are surely working on their next consoles and planning to release them fairly soon.

But is it a good idea to release a console a head of schedule?

What the NBN means to Australian Gamers

Later first-person shooters utilize the intern...

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For gamers, the National Broadband Network (the NBN) pretty much means that we can now play against other people in the world without having a ping of 3000000.

In all seriousness, the NBN means a lot more than that – but the majority of people who just want to play multiplayer games with small pings will be very happy indeed.

What is ping and why does it matter, you say?

Ping is the term used to indicate the time, in milliseconds, it takes for a signal to be sent from your internet enabled device to another persons’ internet enabled device. The smaller the ping the better as this indicates low latency (or what is known as lag) which is the time between when you do something and when that something actually happens. For example I may press X to shoot but because of my massive ping, I wont actually shoot in the game until half a second later which means the person I’m shooting at will probably have shot me first : (

Great gaming console deals in Australia for this Christmas

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Hey there gamers.

I know at Christmas it can be hard trying to find the best deals – and most, if not all major shops will have a different deal going on for their gaming consoles around this time of year.

Well, I’m here today to list some of the best deals you can find for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS this year. If you were looking for this kind of help with your last second shopping, you’re in luck.

So let’s get to it!

Why the Wii U isn’t really “Next Gen”

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 07:  Satoru Iwata, (L) ...

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Nintendo have recently (relatively) announced their next console – the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo Wii was both a surprising and amazing success after launching in 2006, selling entering the year having sold 84.64 million units – a number so high that they are not really selling that well anymore is because everyone already freaking has one! As a follow up console, Nintendo wanted to reach out to the people who (unless you loved Nintendo’s first-party games) haven’t really been looked after – or considered with this console, intentionally.

These people are the hardcore gamers.

On the Wii, there is probably about one or two games overall that would really appeal to this demographic (and that excludes the Call of Duty series on the Wii, as they suck).

Will the next Xbox be a big hit?

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...

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Right about now, people are gearing up for the next generation of consoles and it seems likely that we’ll be treated to a couple of them next year. We have already seen the Wii U being announced at E3 this year and presumably their will be a PlayStation 4 as well.

But what will the next Xbox be?