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Wii U Impressions!

Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo

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By now everyone who considers themselves to be a hardcore gamer has or at least should have seen the Wii U demo at CES. If you haven’t then first of all shame on you and second here is the link.

Now that you have watched it I can tell you my impressions on the Wii U. You can read some of my other thoughts on the Wii U before this demo at CES here and here.

So here are my bias thoughts on the Wii U summed up in one word……Meh.

More YouTube Videos!

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Hey guys!

Remember that we have a YouTube Channel that you can access here.

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Rise of Nightmares – Another Kinect game, another half-baked snorefest (BPOSOTY 2011)

Rise of Nightmares

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This article is part of the Biggest Piece of Shit of the Year (BPOSOTY) Award nominations.  Click here to view the list of nominees or vote at the bottom of this article.

Most Kinect games have terrible design, graphics, controls, gameplay and anything else that would make a good game a bad game.

There have been some success stories such as the Gunslinger and the Dance Central series (if you like dancing) but most of all they tend to not work and you are really just flailing your arms about in a most unfashionable way. Using the Kinect to control the Xbox 360 interface is cool but for $200 it just isn’t that cool. If you like dancing then go dancing. If you like looking retarded in front of all your mates, then by all means buy a Kinect.

We now have a Youtube channel!!

Hi Everyone,

We have just started up our Youtube channel. You can go to it by clicking here.

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We will be uploading are comments, critiques, reviews and other assorted gameplay videos of pretty much all new games that come out.

It would be very cool if you could all go over and watch a few videos and subscribe and/or like them!

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Should violent games take the blame for the Olso attacks?

No Video Games

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A Re-look at somethings that shook both the real and gaming world….

As you may or may not know, on the 22nd of July 2011, a madman/terrorist whatever you want to call him took to the streets of Olso Norway and the

We feel very sorry for Norway’s loss and our hearts go out to their people.surrounding Utoya Island killing over 90 with bombs and shooting others.

In the man’s (who will not be named because that’s what he wanted FAME!) manifesto he states that he played some violent video games, more specifically Modern Warfare 2.

Some news groups and media outlets have now said the man’s actions are because of video games.

$1 million Multiplayer Tournament – C.O.D MW3


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Think you’re a big man on call of duty? Want to play the new Modern Warfare? Wanna pit your skills against the best?

Today’s your lucky day!

$1 million Multiplayer Tournament!

Quickie – Modern Warfare 3 Confirmed For Wii

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Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling, just confirmed on a “One Of Swords” podcast the existence of Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii platform. It will be handled by Treyarch which is no surprise since they have previously handled all ports over to Wii successfully.

No release window was given but it’s looking like the end of the year. It’s a great listen and I recommend any CoD fans to listen in for the exciting news.

You can listen  to the podcast HERE