Logitech have fully embraced the iPad era and hit the sweet spot in desirable tablet accessories

It’s no coincidence that Logitech, the world’s largest computer accessories manufacturer, would release a new advertisement like the one below so soon after the announcement of “the new iPad” (which I insist on called the iPad 3, against Apple’s wishes) earlier this month.

And luckily for them, the new iPad looks just like the last one -- making their accessories work for both the iPad 2 and the 3.

Check it out below:

Samsung’s dismissal of the forthcoming Apple television is moronic – here’s why

Português: iCloud para iOS, Mac e Windows

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Oh, I love a good laugh.

If you haven’t already heard the hilarious headlines that hit the web yesterday, Samsung‘s AV product manager Chris Moseley boasted in an interview with Pocket-lint that Apple‘s ‘iTV‘ is nothing to worry about because his company have great picture quality. As Business Insider put it, the guy is utterly delusional.

There’s a few things to add to this conversation though that makes this statement look even more stupid than that, though.

Samsung cancels plans for new Nexus phone – what it really means

English: Hands-on with the Galaxy Nexus at its...

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Surprising news hit the interwebs today that Samsung had been planning to launch a 32gb version of the Galaxy Nexus and that after some consideration, they decided to can the idea at the last minute.  Reading blog coverage of the news, the implication out there seems to be that Samsung might be reconsidering their love affair with the Google reference design phone and are already moving on to greener pastures.


Here’s what I think really happened.

JB Hi-Fi’s NOW music service is releasing a mobile app soon – an improvement but still not good enough

JB Hi-Fi

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Just before Christmas, I went on record as saying that I thought JB Hi-Fi’s NOW online music service was a steaming lump of hot turd. Primary amoungst my gripes about the service was its crazy and confusing content layout, it’s lack of customisation to the user, it’s ‘beta’ label (not ready for primetime) and it’s lack of a mobile phone app.

Well, it looks like they’re finally fixing the last one on that list.

Video Unboxing – The iPhone “appBlaster” gun

Hi gadget loving people!
Here is an unboxing of the appBlaster, a little known add on that turns your Iproduct into AR device. Pretty cool huh.

Here is the unboxing below. Stay tuned for a review!

Wednesday Quickie – Putting the new YouTube statistics into perspective

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

News hit the interwebs today that YouTube is now serving up 4 billion video plays daily.  That number is simply incredible.

Now think of this: last year, YouTube announced that it had served up one trillion video plays in 2011.  With these latest numbers, and assuming that YouTube doesn’t grow any more popular throughout the year (which is highly unlikely), 4 billion plays daily equates to about 1.5 trillion plays for the year.  If YouTube doescontinue to grow, it is highly probable that the service will double the amount of traffic it did last year, eclipsing the barrier of two billion plays in 2012.

Double.  That would be amazing.

Picking the bullshit out of Thorsten Heins’ first attempt at explaining the problems with RIM

Image representing Research In Motion as depic...

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After reading this article by Business Insider, in which Jay Yarrow picks out some of his favourite quotes from new Research In Slow Motion CEO Beans Means Heins, I couldn’t help but sneer.

Clearly, the guy was cranking the the Reality Distortion Field v3.0 to the extreme (v1.0 was supplied by non other than Steve Jobs himself and v2.0 belongs to Google chairman Eric Schmidt – but that is for another post).  Accordingly, everyone’s bullshit meter was screaming blue murder as well – the stock markets responded with a heavy dumping of RIM‘s stock.

Let’s go over a few of these gems as we join together and share a few laughs around the camp fire:

Ask OzTechNews: What would you do if you were running RIM? (HINT: The answer involves a few sticks of dynamite)

After the recent news that Research In Slow Motion‘s co-CEO’s, Mike Lazy-ridis and Jim Batshit-sillie, had both resigned from their daily roles and handed control to the first person they crossed paths with in the hallway, I was asked this question on Twitter by my buddy Chris Jones in Sydney:

@ what would you do now if you were the CEO?
AppStore Submissions

It’s an interesting question, one that I thought about for a bit before replying with this:

The latest Anonymous threat to destroy Facebook is bogus and could lead to terrorism charges

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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This morning, the interwebs were treated to a hilarious Hollywood production style video uploaded to YouTube in the name of the ‘hacktivism’ group Anonymous.  In the video (which can be found by following this link – I refuse to embed it on this page), the messenger states that ‘they’ plan to target Facebook‘s 60,000 servers on January 29 Australian time using what could be called a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack minus any actual hacking involved.

Not surprisingly, a writer for the official Anonymous Twitter account @anonops immediately denounced the message, saying that ‘Anonymous’ wasn’t targeting Facebook at all and that nothing would be happening on the announced date.

So what really happened?  Here’s the devil in the details:

It’s official: Australians LOVE Apple and the numbers are astonishing

Apple Inc.

Image by marcopako  via Flickr


Eyes were opened across the interwebs today after Delimiter reported exclusively that for the 2011 financial year, Apple‘s earnings in this country had skyrocketed to AU$4.88 billion in revenue, up from AU$3,59 billion the year prior.

Most surprising of all, these numbers reflect the financial year – from July 1, 2010 until June 30, 2011 – which means that every dollar of that revenue was earned prior to the launch of the wildly successful iPhone 4S, which is expected to cause Apple’s Q1 2012 revenue report to top out at almost US$40 billion for the quarter.

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