This could possibly be the most stupid thing I have ever read…

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Ok.  Click here and read this article.  See you when you’re back.

Back?  Good.  Now let me say first of all that is one of my favourite sites – I follow their RSS feed and generally like how they focus on mostly Microsoft related content and try to get deep into the issues about that particular area of computing.

But seriously guys??  It’s one thing to fall for a pseudo rumour that maybe Apple will buy Sony, but it’s another thing entirely to say in the title of the article that ‘experts nod at possible Sony purchase’ and then don’t mention anything about ‘experts’ actually saying anything like that, let alone link to any evidence of the sort?

Personally, I read that headline and thought “who the fuck that thinks they are an expert said that?” and the answer to my question was ‘nobody’ – because no one did say that (at least, according to Neowin).

Well, it turns out that someone did say something like that and a few people fell for it hard in addition to Neowin.  Hilarious.  A dude who writes columns for Barron’s was writing an opinion column about Apple’s hoard of cash and was thinking out loud about companies that Apple could buy.  Sony were one of them, Disney (!!) were another and Adobe, of all people, were mentioned as well.  That should tell you enough about how ridiculous the suggestion is (let alone the possibilities of these things actually happening are).  Nevertheless, Sony’s share price climbed 3% on the ‘news’ and the original author of the stupid article even said so himself in a follow up article that the reaction to it was pretty retarded.

So back to Neowin, they got my click through and ad impressions and sort of made fools of themselves in the process.  Well done.

And just for the record – it’ll be a cold day in hell before Apple buys Sony.  Why?  Because above all else, Japanese people are Sony’s biggest group of customers and they pride themselves of buying locally designed and made products.  If Sony were a US owned business by being owned by Apple, Sony’s profits would shrink significantly and no amount of cash outlay would justify owning only a portion of market share that Sony currently have and would consequently lose.  That’s reason enough to bin this whole idea, let alone the fact that Sony have nothing of value that Apple could want, anyway.

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