Intel explains why it faked a DirectX 11 demo even though we all know why

Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Imagine being Intel at CES: They are demoing DirectX, which is known to be unstable at times, on new hardware that could have just had brand new drivers written for it.

In that case, it’s completely understandable why Intel would fake using a real-life demo -- they just don’t want to end up being embarrassed like these two guys below:

Or have a similarly awkward moment like this:

For the record, Intel’s excuse for faking the demo was bullshit. From Fudzilla‘s article about the fiasco:

¬†Intel said that the demo was a late addition to Intel’s presentation and the Santa Clara chip maker simply didn’t have time to set it up live.

But there was enough time to set it up backstage? Enough time to spend playing the game and recording it?  What hogwash.

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