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Grading the OzTechNews tech predictions for 2011

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Well, it seems that I did pretty well 12 months ago overall.

I my very first annual Tech Predictions article (which you can find here), I made 8 predictions overall based on future trends that I saw emerging by the end of 2010. Now that the year is over, let’s have a quick look at each one of them to see how they measured up:

Video – Comparison of the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4

Hi guys!

I have just done a quick video showing you a comparison of the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4.

The video shows the different sizes and different operating systems in use. You can check it out here on our YouTube channel or you can view it below.

Great gaming console deals in Australia for this Christmas

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Hey there gamers.

I know at Christmas it can be hard trying to find the best deals – and most, if not all major shops will have a different deal going on for their gaming consoles around this time of year.

Well, I’m here today to list some of the best deals you can find for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS this year. If you were looking for this kind of help with your last second shopping, you’re in luck.

So let’s get to it!

EXCLUSIVE – Hacker and security expert Gregory D. Evans is having a movie made about his life

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This is really exciting news.

Famous hacker and security expert Gregory D. Evans revealed exclusively to Brad from Techwebcast over the weekend that he is having a movie made about his life.

If you’re not familiar with Gregory’s work, he’s done time in the chokey for being convicted of telecommunications fraud and was locked up at the same time (and in the same place) as Kevin Mitnick. – and judging by the smack he was talking about Mitnick and the reaction to his Techwebcast interview across Twitter, there is plenty of bad blood there.

Evans’ story is sure to include retellings of how he made millions of dollars through his work as a security expert, lived the high life of hanging out with NBA players and owning several businesses throughout Los Angeles. His self-described beginnings consisted of growing up in poor conditions and that he first started hacking whilst in school by changing grades of students and causing general mischief.

If you haven’t yet listened to his interview with Techwebcast, be sure to check it out the link above and have a listen to what he revealed about his life and his immediate plans for the future.  The film should certainly make for interesting theatre and is likely to cause a stir amoungst the hacking elite – apparently a fair few people think he’s a fraud.

It’ll be interesting to hear his side of the story in detail.

Video – Kill problematic Windows software that won’t uninstall

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Image via CrunchBase

Have you ever had a problem with uninstalling software in Windows that won’t uninstall?

I ran into the same issue and used a piece of software I reviewed a while back called System Mechanic which helped me get past the issue.  Check out the video below to see how I got around the issue.

The current Top 20 sites globally according to Alexa – July 2011

Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Every three months or so, I find it interesting to check the Top 20 listings at Alexa to find out which of the internet’s elite (approximately) pull the most traffic.  It’s also an interesting exercise to see which of the top 20 either move up or down in comparison to the others on the list to find out which sites are either on the rise or are starting to decline in popularity.

I last checked the rankings in July and I’m amazed to say that the top 12 sites in the world didn’t change whatsoever since then.  In actual fact, there was barely any movement at all and the same top 20 from July all site in top 20 that sites there today. As a result, Google are still operating three of the five most popular domains in the world –, and – with another three in the top 20 as well, continuing to hold their power as the most popular internet destination on the planet.

Video – New Twitter scam going around, here’s what to look out for

I was sent this scam this afternoon as well.  Seems like no one is really talking about it in the tech blogs yet so I thought I’d create a video showing you what the scam is and what it looks like.

Check out the video below:

EXCLUSIVE to OzTechNews readers – buy iolo System Mechanic for $25 (50% off)

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Simply apply the discount code below:


If you’re interested in more information about System Mechanic, check out the video review of the software by clicking here.

Why Windows 8 is NOT fundamentally flawed as a response to the iPad

John Gruber. (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopi...

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This article is written in response to a blog post created by John Gruber at Daring Fireball titled “Why Windows 8 Is Fundamentally Flawed as a Response to the iPad.

Ahh John Gruber. He only ever writes long articles when it comes time to defend Apple, doesn’t he?

I have strangely found myself liking his content lately and found that he’s been making some good points – and even being *gulp* fair. Then he goes and writes this nonsense.

So, without any further delay, let’s rip his article to shreds.

EXCLUSIVE – A Q&A session with daily deals aggregator Dealies

With the group-buying/daily deals phenomenon taking off all over the world and creating a lot of confusion and segregation in the market, it’s quite refreshing to find a site on the net that focuses on conveniencing the user rather than being all about the vendor.  Dealies aren’t trying to be another vendor – they let the other guys establish the relationships with the retailers to create online campaigns and simply put them all together into one place so that you can quickly and easily scan through the site or flick over an email each day and find stuff that you might be interested in.  The daily deals sites love it, the users love it and the site and its sister companions in other countries are taking off like a rocket.

Best of all, the guys are blogging about what’s popular each week in the different countries that they work in – a key factor in helping people navigate their way though all the different deals and find what they would be interested in.

It’s that user-focused attitude from Dealies that had me interested in wanting to have a chat with Caitlin Arnould, their Online Marketing Coordinator.  As you can see in the log below, we had a great chat about the state of the daily deals landscape, the technology behind their offering and their tech-cred in the industry – the answers will surprise you!

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