“So Jony Ive leads the design team at the two most-profitable phone makers”


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That headline above is the latest snarky comment plastered across John Gruber‘s Daring Firewall blog in response to a news article about Samsung‘s recent success in the mobile phone space reported in its latest quarterly statement.

And, in typical Gruber fashion, he’s written an incredibly long post in defense of Apple as part of his epic rant.  I didn’t even read the whole post myself because my eyes were getting tired from all the rolling they were doing whilst looking at this dribble.

This guy thinks that Eric Schmidt will replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s CEO

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Robert X. Cringely is a curious guy.  He’s extremely well known in tech circles for the vast amount of blogging he does for various publications and is willing to really put himself out there in terms of what he writes about.  John Gruber hates him – which means that I should probably like him – but he’s very erratic and just says weird stuff in his articles for no apparent reason other than what appears to be simply click-through bait.

This article here would be one of those entries to file under the category of “WHAT???”

Meet “Apple’s worst nightmare”, the latest iPhone knock-off from China

English: Apple iPhone 3GS

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Forbes has a write-up about a new Meizu MX, a phone that is “clearly inspired by the work of Apple“, in this long and drawn out article. It has a few pics which show what the phone looks like and all that jazz.

Where do I start.

Sunday Quickie – The iPad was a dud this holiday season?

English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case

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That’s apparently the word from BGR, who posted an article pointing to ‘web traffic patterns’ suggesting that iPad sales weren’t what was initially expected. You can read the whole write-up here.

I’m awaiting a refuting article from John Gruber in 3… 2… 1…

Sunday Quickie – Google-Firefox search deal is antitrust red meat

Mozilla Firefox Logo

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This is a really interesting article published by Forbes writer Scott Cleland which investigates the new deal between Google and Mozilla and points out how this could end up spelling big trouble for the search giant.

I found myself nodding along a fair bit whilst reading this and I’d thoroughly recommend it to you guys to check out as well.

Here’s the link.

Nokia just bought a mobile operating system. Seriously??

Concept render of a Nokia smartphone running W...

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… the fuck?

In news that can only be described as silly and unnecessary, Nokia have bought a Norwegian mobile OS company called SmarterphoneTechcrunch has all the details about it.

Now, Techcrunch suspect that this could simply be a defensive play to either take the product off of the market or to ‘buy’ all the employees to build up their internal talent base (referred to quite geekily across the blogosphere as an ‘acqui-hire’).

But if Nokia have done this to actually curate the Smarterphone OS as an internal project, they’re idiots.

iMessage didn’t kill the text message – auto-complete did

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

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Here’s some interesting commentary that was released recently by Business Insider regarding one user’s reported decrease in text message use thanks to iMessage in iOS 5. The implication of the article is that this is proof of a decrease in SMS use and has officially put the technology in the past.

Just take one look at the article heading – “CHART OF THE DAY: Apple Kills The Text Message“.


Words of wisdom from fake Mark Zuckerberg on New Years Day


A New Year's resolution is like using your Google+ account: you want to commit to it, but you'll give up after a month.
Mark Zuckerberg

Australia has spoken – the OzGadgetNews ‘Biggest Piece of Shit of the Year’ for 2011 is…

Image representing Research In Motion as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

… The Blackberry Playbook by your friends at Research In Slow Motion.

Now this is an award that the public got right.  The Playbook was so embarrassingly poor in quality that it seemed almost like a bad dream that the company actually had the balls to release this product this year and not think that they would be bagged out something chronic for doing so.

Chromebooks came a very close second and were a worthy mention, I must say.  With the nominees on the list, I expected a few others to rank higher than Google‘s netbook format but clearly you guys thought that the idea sucked just about as much as I did.  How pleasing.

Australia has spoken – the OzTechNews ‘Biggest Piece of Shit of the Year’ for 2011 is…

Apple Inc.

Image by marcopako  via Flickr


Oh man, I can just feel the hate raining down from Apple fanboys everywhere that this site is once again crowning Apple with the Biggest Piece of Shit of the Year award. In 2010, there was a three-way tie in which both the iPhone 4 and iTunes were co-winners.

Of course, there was a strong case to be made for Apple this year, of which you can read all about by following this link. The company was constantly late with releasing products, disappointed their customers with barely incremental updates and lied to the public about what they were up to. These are the kind of things that Apple are going to have to try to keep evading in the future now that they are without their spiritual leader, Steve Jobs, who passed away late 2011.

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