Tuesday Quickie – $1.7 million worth of Blackberry Playbooks stolen?

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So, you mean to tell me that someone stole 1.7 million Playbooks?

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make light of the worthlessness of the Blackberry Playbook.  I’m willing to bet that RIM are secretly cheering the fact that they have finally found a way to get rid of these things and reduce inventory.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the delivery truck was left unlocked with the keys in the ignition on purpose.  If I were a co-CEO of RIM, I would be doing the exact same thing eight now. They are in big trouble with their unsold stock of that tablet.

Vodafone have been resorting to virtual bribery to sell phones into the Australian market this Christmas

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Check out this latest deal that Vodafone had been advertising to potential customers in December until recently.

From the copy in the OzBargain notice:

Get $100 bill credit when you sign up to any Vodafone 24 month plan.

Includes: All mobile phones on 24 month plans including iPhone range, Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus – you get $100 credit on your 1st bill.

Facebook’s list of the world’s most social airports demonstrates why Australia is an important technology hub

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In a surprising result compiled by Facebook themselves, Sydney has ranked as the 7th most socially broadcasted airport in the world via location sharing and/or likes on the social network. In Sydney’s case, the predominant sentiment was for Facebook users to broadcast to their friends lists that they were simply there. US airports dominated the top 6 list above that – the full write-up about the results can be found here.

Whilst News.com.au focused on the issues that people experience with Sydney Airport in its piece – and that is certainly credible considering that Sydney is a massive hub in this country for domestic and international flights – what this list actually highlights for me is the fact that people are using Facebook at Sydney airport more than almost any other city in the world because they can – and that this goes to further emphasise the high smartphone penetration rate in our country.

Monday Quickie – Microsoft opens up So.cl to a limited number of students

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Sound familiar?

You’ve got to wonder long and hard just why Microsoft have even bothered to launch this service and whether anyone will even give two shits about it. Sure, there is the whole tagline about how it’s “for study groups” BS but I’m not buying that at all. If Microsoft have brought this project to life outside of the Microsoft Research walls, it means that they think there is a way that they can commercialise it.

I mean sure, Facebook is banned just about everywhere, but it wouldn’t take long for IT admins to add this service to the shitlist too.  Consider me officially skeptical on this one.

HORRIBLE: Now BigPond customers who were exposed in the database leak are being targeted in a phishing scam

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Telstra‘s BigPond division seems to be trying to deal with its customer database leak controversy the best way it knows how: with new specials designed to look cheap.

This latest one seems amazing: A BigPond cable bundle, featuring 200GB of data transfer + line rental for $78 a month on a two year contract.  That is pretty good if you don’t use BitTorrent – otherwise, the uploads will wipe out your cap.

So, can people forget about BigPond’s massive screw up enough to want to think of them in glowing terms again and take advantage of a deal like this?

Monday Quickie – Bill Gates gives a tick of approval to Australia’s carbon tax

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Bill Gates has certainly been on quite the publicity tour lately for a guy that was supposed to only be in Australia to take his family on a holiday.

First it was the proclamation that he will never return to Microsoft as the CEO and now he’s giving his personal endorsement of the Labor Government‘s Carbon tax scheme.

There’s no word yet on whether Gates advised our government to split the Carbon Tax scheme in multiple SKU’s for different industries but we’ll keep our finger on the pulse for that one.  Can you imagine how many people would be excited for “Carbon Tax Ultimate”?

Monday Quickie – Universal has ‘Tech News Today’ episode yanked from YouTube for reporting on MegaUpload promo video

This Week in Tech

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Check out the full write up about this issue here.

You’ve got to believe that Leo Leporte will be going off about this topic on his This Week In Tech podcast overnight. Tom Merritt is a regular on that show and Leporte is one of his biggest backers.  He’ll rip Universal to shreds – they already tried to block TWiT from mentioning the MegaUpload video in his show and failed.  This war is getting jucier by the second.

I can’t wait for round three.

Monday Quickie – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is ‘the tablet Apple tried to stop’ in Australia


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You’ve got to hand it to Samsung – they know how to take a situation and get maximum spin out of it.

Check out the full write-up about the new ads for the Samsung Galaxy Tab here.

Screw the Kindle Fire – the 7.85″ iPad would be all about the Apple TV

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Check out the full report on this rumour here.

There is only one way that this rumour is true. If you look at the pencilled in launch date – 3rd or 4th quarter 2012 – you’ll notice that’s around the same time that the fabled Apple Television will launch as well. This kind of tablet would thrive as a handheld television that you could watch the endings of movies and television shows that you downloaded on your Apple TV and couldn’t finish before wanting to go to bed of hit the road. The current iPad doesn’t work as a truly portable device because a lot of people find it too big to put in a bag.

Asinine headline alert – Windows 8 activity sinking amoungst early adopters

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CNET ran with this headline on its site today and I couldn’t be more disgusted that they could rationalise such sensationalism.

According to a study that reported such results from its survey, early adopters are already bored with Windows 8 and that this is supposed to be somewhat indicative of how people will receive and then perceive the OS in its final form once launched.

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