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Google put the squeeze on websites that are too top-heavy in advertisements

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Here’s some interesting news that was revealed over the weekend by Search Engine Land.

According to the report, Google are now going to punish the search engine rankings of web pages that push its content too far below the fold with advertisements at the top.  I can think of many websites that do this and when the rules start being enforced, it’ll be interesting to see what the reaction against the company is going to be.

Here’s two big problems that I can for for Google straight away (and even bigger problems for website owners) after adopting this new stance:

Hey Aussie gamers – get a bloody girlfriend!

Google AdSense

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I think you’ll all appreciate the comedy in this one.

I’ve been posting a lot more gaming news these past few weeks, such as all the events related to the refusal of classification for the new Mortal Kombat game (see here, here, here and here) and the game based on the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie (see here and here) and I’ve been noticing a growing trend – my ad server, Google Adsense, has been serving up a lot of ads for online dating sites like Zoosk and OasisActive against that sort of content.

So it got me to thinking – if Google attempt to search for contextual relevancy of ads based on the content of the articles, are Google sort of suggesting that the kinds of people reading gaming news are the same kind of people that need to find a date and get laid?

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