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Friday Quickie – HP hires another SAP executive, might be gearing up for acquisition

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Check out the write up about it here.

It seems fishy that HP have now hired two SAP executives into top positions at the business – the other is their CEO Leo Apotheker. I think this is further evidence that HP are gearing up for a bid to acquire SAP and merge the businesses together.

And, well, I’m hoping this happens, so that another of my tech predictions for 2011 comes true. :)

OzTechNews tech predictions for 2011

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It’s that time of year to start looking toward the next year, get an idea of what we’d like to see happen, throw those ideas in the bin and then dream up what will actually happen.

There’s already a few givens for next year – the biggest being that smartphone sales will truly go through the roof and possibly eclipse the amount of PC’s sold in the year whilst effectively killing the feature phone in the process.  In 2011, we will become truly portable.  If you own shares in a mobile related company, all the power to you.  If you don’t, get yourself a late Christmas present and buy Apple shares or something, what’s coming next is looking really good.

We also know that the landscape for computing is changing from the desk to the portable office – as the trend moves from fad to copycats to established players, it’s at that time that we start to see acquisitions, mergers, bankruptcies and unlikely alliances.  I have a feeling that next year we will see a lot more activity at the top end of tech than has happened over the past few years, considering the fact that multiple companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have enourmous piles of cash ranging from $30-$50 billion sitting in the bank, ready to spend at will.

It’s with this that I kick off my first annual Tech Predictions edition for OzTechNews…

Wednesday Quickie – The Palm Pre 2 SUCKS!

Palm Pre shot from Mobile World Congress.

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My goodness.

Have a look at how thick the Palm Pre 2 is! What a joke – this phone doesn’t have a hope in hell in competing with Windows Phone 7 and Android devices, let alone the iPhone.

What a waste of money for HP putting resources into launching this phone.

Monday Quickie – a LEGIT Windows 7 Slate!

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...
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Check THIS outSamsung are working on a version of the Galaxy Tab which will be 10 inches in size and have Windows 7 on it.  This seems pretty effing good!

And, you know, seems as the Android based 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab is dead on arrival because Steve Jobs said so, maybe this could move a few units.  Certainly being able to have a tablet that is backwards compatible with traditional Windows software is a big bonus to businesses, who make up 90% of spending in IT.

The question now is, will Samsung put all the same fancy software on it that they are putting on the Android one?  That could make for some good differentiation in the market.

Wednesday Quickie – HP WebOS 2.0

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The Palm Pre 2 and HP WebOS 2.0 have been announced.

I would have bought this phone three years ago – I think vertical sliders are underrated.  The problem with this phone (besides the fact that the big Apple logo is missing from it) is that it looks pretty chunky – nobody has to put up with phones like that anymore.

Doesn’t look like much will come of it I’m afraid…

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