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Apple have fumbled through their first year with a new CEO (BPOSOTY 2011)

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This article is part of the Biggest Piece of Shit of the Year (BPOSOTY) Award nominations.  Click here to view the list of nominees or vote at the bottom of this article.

This might initially seem a bit far fetched considering that the company is pulling more profits in the IT industry than anyone else and has more money than God (and for a moment there, more than the US Treasury) but the undeniable fact is that Apple have been losing their edge.

It’s worth noting up front that all this secret stuff that Apple like to do is getting pretty impossible for them to do anymore. When Apple buy parts, they buy them in such enormous volumes that it’s hard for a market analyst not to notice the amount of money changing hands and the huge shipping containers making their way across the world. Additionally, when Apple turned the portable computing industry on its head and starts making mega bucks, it put them in a giant fishbowl that everyone known to man like to peek into on a regular basis.

Holesgrove 1, Gruber 0.

Build - Windows 8 Preview [21]

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After Microsoft‘s second big reveal of Windows 8 at the Microsoft Build conference yesterday, we were all treated to a big serving of humble pie on John Gruber‘s Daring Fireball website this morning as a result.

That delicious treat, of course, was Gruber doing a big backtrack from his earlier argument about “Why Windows 8 is fundamentally flawed as a response to the iPad“. This was a post that I wrote a counter-argument for which drew me into an ‘Apple vs Microsoft’ style argument that I didn’t care for but nonetheless got a lot of people’s attention.

Analyst Predicts iOS and Mac will fully converge by 2012 and is dead wrong in the process

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You can read the original article here.

Now, my first reaction would be to say that with the release of Mac OS X Lion, the two operating systems have already merged to an extent – after iOS 4 adopted the Mac OS X-style dock, the computer OS has been slowly adopting more and more iOS features such as the App Store, new application launcher and the touch gestures, just to name a few.

However, it goes without saying that this claim is bogus in a few ways that most people might not have actually considered.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Some bizzare commentary from

The author of took exception with something that I said the other day in my quasi-review of Mac OS X Lion.  Check it out below:

From SmarterBits favorite Aaron Holesgrove:

Anyhow, you get my drift.  iOS is the bad boy of the decade and it seems that not only are every other mobile OS trying to copy it, but now the desktop OS’s are too – first Windows 8 and now Mac OS X.

Because a beta UI view tacked onto Windows 7 was demoed a month before a full fledged completed OS hits retail proves Microsoft came up with the idea first. Of course.

Mac OS X Lion underwhelmes in early reviews

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Cover of Spider-Man 3 (Widescreen Edition)

Apple released new products today. You might have noticed the internet suffer an arrhythmia and your modem flash its lights furiously as it attempts to maintain a stable connection amongst all the Apple talk going on right now.  This kind of stuff is big news.

In surveying the announcements of the products built by Christ himself,  it seems that Apple have managed to slip in a few surprises that no one was expecting, such as the Thunderbolt Display and the new Mac Mini (minus the optical drive) which has everyone in a tizzy.  The MacBook Air, meanwhile, just acquired enough new spit and polish that it killed the original MacBook completely from the Apple product lineup.  Amazing.

All this is well and good, but you have to wonder if Apple intentionally launched these products at the same time as Mac OS X Lion, trying to spare the new OS update from having all of the attention focused squarely on its own individual merits.  That’s looking like it was a smart idea because early indications are that it is a bit of a tryhard and might need more refining in its attempt to become more like iOS.

Here’s a reason to get excited about iOS 5 – it (probably) won’t crash apps all the time!

Day-before registration

Image by mhaithaca via Flickr

It’s common knowledge that iOS apps crash a lot more than they should and there’s a reason for this – of all the major mobile operating systems, iOS is the only one that doesn’t do garbage collection. This is a subject I wrote about a few months ago and it’s a real problem in apps that work with large amounts of data – so far the most common occurences I have seen of this is trying to play Wolf3D, using WordPress for iOS and flicking too quickly through massive lists of blog posts in my RSS reader.

Windows 8 on a PC – Calm down, the new shell is a default setting, not a compulsory one

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I was reading this article by Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley who expressed her overall approval of Windows 8 with some reservation about its new immersive shell featuring in all Windows 8 installations – not just on tablets, but on notebooks and PC’s too. In her article, she felt that it would be a restrictive feature for keyboard/mouse users and seem clumsy for non-touch PC’s altogether.

Now, the thing that is worth highlighting here is that what Microsoft have said they plan to do is make the the immersive shell, named “MoSH” ( for Modern SHell), the default option for viewing a Windows 8 installation, not the only one.  In the demonstrations Microsoft did yesterday, you could clearly see that MoSH was operating over the top of a standard Windows installation much in the same way that Windows Media Center runs as a separate environment.

Why Windows 8 is NOT fundamentally flawed as a response to the iPad

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This article is written in response to a blog post created by John Gruber at Daring Fireball titled “Why Windows 8 Is Fundamentally Flawed as a Response to the iPad.

Ahh John Gruber. He only ever writes long articles when it comes time to defend Apple, doesn’t he?

I have strangely found myself liking his content lately and found that he’s been making some good points – and even being *gulp* fair. Then he goes and writes this nonsense.

So, without any further delay, let’s rip his article to shreds.

Apple stay aggressive, book WWDC at same time as E3

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Image via CrunchBase

You know the old saying – revenge is a dish best served cold.

For years, Apple have been the laughingstock of the gaming community and seem hell-bent on riding their new found casual gaming stardom all the way to the bank by not only positioning themselves in amongst the gaming discussion by booking a software-only event for iOS and Mac OS X around the same time as E3, but they are trying to be the replacement event by booking their gig at the EXACT same time as E3 whilst also starting a day earlier just to add insult to injury.

Clearly, they want to take on the next-gen Nintendo Wii and Kinect gaming announcements head on and make that moment all about what they are doing with iDevices.  It’s a bold strategy – and it will probably work.

Looking forward to the fireworks next month. :)

Which web browsers are used to view OzTechNews? The answers will surprise you

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Image by FontFont via Flickr

I decided to do a bit of an ‘end of the month’ look at the statistics for this site and I was pretty surprised by the results for browser usage against this site.

Firstly, in terms of overall browser share, Internet Explorer came out on top and just managed to beat Firefox to be the most commonly used to view this site.  Check out the breakdown of the top 5 browsers for the month of April:

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