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Asinine headline alert – Windows 8 activity sinking amoungst early adopters

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CNET ran with this headline on its site today and I couldn’t be more disgusted that they could rationalise such sensationalism.

According to a study that reported such results from its survey, early adopters are already bored with Windows 8 and that this is supposed to be somewhat indicative of how people will receive and then perceive the OS in its final form once launched.

Holy shit! Watch how fast Windows 8 boots in this video

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Microsoft have been doing a series of blog posts about Windows 8 and they’ve post the first real interesting one about boot times – one of the most ciritcised aspects of Windows itself.

Well, it looks like on average, boot times will be about half of what they were in Windows 7 on the exact same device.

The real nugget though will be new devices using the new UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) for pre-boot in place of the traditional BIOS implementation.

Microsoft have a video demonstration on this post which shows an HP laptop booting from cold in about 4-5 seconds.  Pretty impressive stuff – you have to check it out to believe it yourself.

Click here to watch the video of Windows 8′s fast boot speeds.

Will Microsoft hit the tablet market too late? Actually, no.

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The above title is the rhetorical question that asks in an article published earlier today.

Now, tablets are a topic that I have touched on many times before and my position remains the same – Apple won this year before it started and next year, when Windows 8 is out, it’ll be anyone’s game.

Now, here’s a few things to consider.

Windows 8 and built-in virtualisation – it’s going to be effing excellent

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I love it when writers ask rhetorical questions as the title of their articles, as I feel compelled to either answer them or mock them in response.  In this case, I’ll answer it..

From Windows 8 Hyper-V and MinWin: A game changing strategy?

In a word: YES!

Analyst Predicts iOS and Mac will fully converge by 2012 and is dead wrong in the process

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You can read the original article here.

Now, my first reaction would be to say that with the release of Mac OS X Lion, the two operating systems have already merged to an extent – after iOS 4 adopted the Mac OS X-style dock, the computer OS has been slowly adopting more and more iOS features such as the App Store, new application launcher and the touch gestures, just to name a few.

However, it goes without saying that this claim is bogus in a few ways that most people might not have actually considered.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Some bizzare commentary from

The author of took exception with something that I said the other day in my quasi-review of Mac OS X Lion.  Check it out below:

From SmarterBits favorite Aaron Holesgrove:

Anyhow, you get my drift.  iOS is the bad boy of the decade and it seems that not only are every other mobile OS trying to copy it, but now the desktop OS’s are too – first Windows 8 and now Mac OS X.

Because a beta UI view tacked onto Windows 7 was demoed a month before a full fledged completed OS hits retail proves Microsoft came up with the idea first. Of course.

Mac OS X Lion underwhelmes in early reviews

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Cover of Spider-Man 3 (Widescreen Edition)

Apple released new products today. You might have noticed the internet suffer an arrhythmia and your modem flash its lights furiously as it attempts to maintain a stable connection amongst all the Apple talk going on right now.  This kind of stuff is big news.

In surveying the announcements of the products built by Christ himself,  it seems that Apple have managed to slip in a few surprises that no one was expecting, such as the Thunderbolt Display and the new Mac Mini (minus the optical drive) which has everyone in a tizzy.  The MacBook Air, meanwhile, just acquired enough new spit and polish that it killed the original MacBook completely from the Apple product lineup.  Amazing.

All this is well and good, but you have to wonder if Apple intentionally launched these products at the same time as Mac OS X Lion, trying to spare the new OS update from having all of the attention focused squarely on its own individual merits.  That’s looking like it was a smart idea because early indications are that it is a bit of a tryhard and might need more refining in its attempt to become more like iOS.

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is a hundred times better than Android 2.2 (Froyo)

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Last week, HTC started making good on its promise to distribute updates to their line of ‘Desire‘ handsets to the latest version of Android by sending out an OTA (over the air) update to the HTC Desire HD – a phone sold exclusively by Vodafone in Australia. I own one of those handsets (see the review here) and decided to give the update a run and post about my experiences with it.

Holesgrove on Gruber and Windows 8: A Public Trainwreck

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Image via CrunchBase wrote an article about me today – you should check it out.

Some points in the piece that are worth quickly commenting on:

Not only does Holesgrove completely throw his argument out the window with the claim that “no one could care less about” Macs “up until about five years ago,” but because he seems to forget the time period between 2002 and 2010. You know, that whole time Microsoft tried pushing a desktop OS on tablets to consumers? How did that turn out? I’m sure the 25 million people who bought iPads in only 14 months could answer that one.

Here’s a reason to get excited about iOS 5 – it (probably) won’t crash apps all the time!

Day-before registration

Image by mhaithaca via Flickr

It’s common knowledge that iOS apps crash a lot more than they should and there’s a reason for this – of all the major mobile operating systems, iOS is the only one that doesn’t do garbage collection. This is a subject I wrote about a few months ago and it’s a real problem in apps that work with large amounts of data – so far the most common occurences I have seen of this is trying to play Wolf3D, using WordPress for iOS and flicking too quickly through massive lists of blog posts in my RSS reader.

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