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Windows drops to being only Microsoft’s third biggest cash-cow – the best news the company has ever received

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You can read all about this recent development in this great article by Mary Jo Foley.

With Windows and Office being Microsoft‘s two biggest businesses the past two decades, it has been constantly said that with both units under attack (and vulnerable to defeat) in the internet era that the company’s impending doom was inevitable.

Well, here’s the funny thing. According to Microsoft’s latest financial records, Windows dropped a bit in income – falling out of the top two business unit spot in terms – and just did its biggest quarter ever.

The Blackberry Playbook 2.0 looks decent but will still fail in 2012 – here’s why

PlayBook Cake

Image by Official BlackBerry Images via Flickr

I have been a huge critic of the Blackberry Playbook (see here, here, here, here and here), such to the extent that I refuse to write about it on OzTechNews anymore. Instead, I relegate it to ‘gadget’ status and now publish content about it here instead.

With CES now done and dusted, we’re at the point where it is time to reflect on the tech and gadgets of the show and determine which companies are likely to do well in 2012 – and I’ve got RIM in my crosshairs.

With the Blackberry Playbook largely causing Research In Motion to almost completely obliterate in 2011, will 2.0 be any different from its predecessor?

There is no Windows 8 UEFI controversy and everyone needs to shut up

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For those of you wondering what all the fuss is about:

In late 2011, there was a bit of a stink kicked up about Microsoft‘s new super-fast UEFI secure boot feature in Windows 8 which allows PC manufacturers to finally ditch the traditional BIOS in new PC’s.

(As a side note, Apple have been using EFI in Macs for years now.  Windows 7 offered EFI support but PC manufacturers had little incentive to want to care.  With the fast boot feature using UEFI, though, they will – hence it’s ‘sudden’ emergence onto the mainstream scene.)

With the way the secure-boot feature has been written, “software freedom” activists have voiced their concerns about how the feature would lock out the ability to dual boot into another OS such as Linux and would therefore constitute foul play. Microsoft have been fairly quiet on this but have put word out there that if people want to dual boot into other OS’s, they’ll be able to. The consensus seems to be that the feature will be difficult to reverse on Intel-based PC’s and that Microsoft are just avoiding discussion of the topic until after Windows 8 ships.

Aaron Holesgrove in the media in 2011

After doing some reflecting on the past year, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at all the other tech blogs across the internet who had been writing about me in 2011.  For a cynic such as myself who is already writing about other people’s articles, I think it only seems fair.

And here’s the interesting part: The list of articles in 2011 that mentioned me is a long one.  Let’s take a closer look:

This guy thinks that Eric Schmidt will replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s CEO

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Robert X. Cringely is a curious guy.  He’s extremely well known in tech circles for the vast amount of blogging he does for various publications and is willing to really put himself out there in terms of what he writes about.  John Gruber hates him – which means that I should probably like him – but he’s very erratic and just says weird stuff in his articles for no apparent reason other than what appears to be simply click-through bait.

This article here would be one of those entries to file under the category of “WHAT???”

OzTechNews tech predictions for 2012 – Part 2 of 2

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It’s that time of year again where we look at the hopes and dreams of the IT industry in the new year, crush the rhetoric and break it down into what will actually happen.

I’m not done with my predictions for 2012 yet.  After making my first six predictions in part one of this series, there’s more to go. Check out the remainder of my predictions below:

OzTechNews tech predictions for 2012 – Part 1 of 2

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It’s that time of year again where we look at the hopes and dreams of the IT industry in the new year, crush the rhetoric and break it down into what will actually happen.

2012 should be really interesting because all eyes will be on this “post-PC” talk that will carry over into the new year, now that Microsoft will be equipped with the kind of operating systems that can power tablets and smartphones in a way that they previously sucked at pretty hard.  Sure, Windows Phone launched in 2010, but it has only been since Mango came to the party and Nokia and Samsung signed agreements to become mega-hardcore WinPhone hawkers that we will really see any sort of serious challenge to Android and iOS.  That war will finally get interesting.

There’s a wide spread of nonsense in IT at the moment too – so without further delay, let’s jump right in with two feet and talk about what is likely to happen in 2012:

Grading the OzTechNews tech predictions for 2011

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Well, it seems that I did pretty well 12 months ago overall.

I my very first annual Tech Predictions article (which you can find here), I made 8 predictions overall based on future trends that I saw emerging by the end of 2010. Now that the year is over, let’s have a quick look at each one of them to see how they measured up:

Asinine headline alert – Windows 8 activity sinking amoungst early adopters

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CNET ran with this headline on its site today and I couldn’t be more disgusted that they could rationalise such sensationalism.

According to a study that reported such results from its survey, early adopters are already bored with Windows 8 and that this is supposed to be somewhat indicative of how people will receive and then perceive the OS in its final form once launched.

With WebOS, Hewlett-Packard are cowardly trying to not be seen with blood on their hands

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And so the soap opera at Hewlett-Packard continues.

After the more recent drama and flip-flopping that HP have been doing – whilst the world waits to learn whether they will in fact deliver on their previous CEO’s threat to gut the company like a fish – we finally have an answer about WebOS and its future.

Is it being canned? No. Are HP keeping it? No.

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