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Wednesday Quickie – Putting the new YouTube statistics into perspective

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News hit the interwebs today that YouTube is now serving up 4 billion video plays daily.  That number is simply incredible.

Now think of this: last year, YouTube announced that it had served up one trillion video plays in 2011.  With these latest numbers, and assuming that YouTube doesn’t grow any more popular throughout the year (which is highly unlikely), 4 billion plays daily equates to about 1.5 trillion plays for the year.  If YouTube doescontinue to grow, it is highly probable that the service will double the amount of traffic it did last year, eclipsing the barrier of two billion plays in 2012.

Double.  That would be amazing.

The latest Anonymous threat to destroy Facebook is bogus and could lead to terrorism charges

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This morning, the interwebs were treated to a hilarious Hollywood production style video uploaded to YouTube in the name of the ‘hacktivism’ group Anonymous.  In the video (which can be found by following this link – I refuse to embed it on this page), the messenger states that ‘they’ plan to target Facebook‘s 60,000 servers on January 29 Australian time using what could be called a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack minus any actual hacking involved.

Not surprisingly, a writer for the official Anonymous Twitter account @anonops immediately denounced the message, saying that ‘Anonymous’ wasn’t targeting Facebook at all and that nothing would be happening on the announced date.

So what really happened?  Here’s the devil in the details:

Monday Quickie – Universal has ‘Tech News Today’ episode yanked from YouTube for reporting on MegaUpload promo video

This Week in Tech

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Check out the full write up about this issue here.

You’ve got to believe that Leo Leporte will be going off about this topic on his This Week In Tech podcast overnight. Tom Merritt is a regular on that show and Leporte is one of his biggest backers.  He’ll rip Universal to shreds – they already tried to block TWiT from mentioning the MegaUpload video in his show and failed.  This war is getting jucier by the second.

I can’t wait for round three.

Review – The Logitech Revue

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The Logitech Revue was released over a year ago and it undeniably had a less than stellar start to what seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. Hell, I still think it is a pretty good idea – It’s just at the right price.

When the Revue first launched it was on sale for $300 and only in America. You could import it over to Australia from Amazon but that obviously cost quite a bit in postage. The Revue was quickly reduced to $99 as there were reports that Logitech were receiving more returned Revues than they were selling. This was obviously a sore point for Logitech as they were the first to jump on the Google/Android-can-dominate-everything-because-they-are-selling-more-phones-than-Apple bandwagon. Evidently Google are fallible.


What not to buy for Christmas: the Telefunken 7″ Android Tablet

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So, you might be thinking “I have no idea what to get for Christmas for my tech-savvy friend/partner/etc”.

As a result, you look through catalogues and you come across something you think would be perfect – an Android tablet at a local retailer, priced very decently and it doesn’t look that bad to boot.

That’s what happened to me when I saw the Telefunken 7″ Android Tablet (TEL7J) in a K-mart catalogue for $129.

Are Google trying to screw other mobile platforms by pulling Gmail apps?

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An interesting pattern has been emerging over the past few months and it’s worthy of further discussion.

Anyone who owns an Android device will tell you that the integration with the Google ID and Google Apps is second to none. That is, Google were able to actually build native Google Apps versions for Android that allow the user to take the experience offline and use interfaces that far exceed their mobile web brothers and act as first class citizens on the device. They are a great experience.

I always found it a bit disappointing that Google have made little effort to release native apps from the Google Apps platform for other mobile environments but the reasoning has been pretty obvious – if you choose Android, you’ll get the best experience with Google Apps soonest if you got Google all the way.

The LG Optimus 3D – no one cared enough about 3D as a feature to want this phone (BPOSOTY 2011)

LG '옵티머스 3D' 제품 사진 및 3D 증강현실 컨셉 사진

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This article is part of the Biggest Piece of Shit of the Year (BPOSOTY) Award nominations.  Click here to view the list of nominees or vote at the bottom of this article.

Ok, c’mon. I want to know if anyone ever bought this thing, because I’ve been informed by my buddies in mobile phone shops that this thing was an epic flop.

Earlier this year, I posted an article which basically mocked the idea of a 3D screen in a phone for a number of reasons, whilst arguing that the feature was a major drawback rather than a marketable asset.

Techwebcast is now a radio show on Valley FM

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For those of you unfamiliar with Techwebcast, it’s a podcast that I speak on each week with hosts Brad Chasenore and Jason Oakley with guests from around the world.

The show has been experiencing a lot of growth lately and its distribution reach has exploded – it’s now accessible from Blip.TV, YouTube, iTunes, Boxee, Popcorn Hour and RokuIn addition to this, each episode is replayed at Aussie Tech Heads each Thursday and broadcast live each Saturday at 1pm AEST from the website.

UPDATED: I called it! Carol Bartz is shit-canned as CEO of Yahoo. The exciting part comes next.

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UPDATE: …and now the company is for sale.  Looks like option 6 was a good guess and that the Hulu bid is in the toilet.  I can’t imagine Hulu’s owners releasing their property to such a blundering mess that is facing its own possible sale.

I’ve written more about Yahoo’s sales options in this article.

ORIGINAL: Cross this one off my list of predictions for 2011 that I compiled at the end of last year.

At the time, I saw the writing on the wall – Carol Bartz was delivered a steaming pile of hot dung on her desk as the CEO of Yahoo and the expectation was always going to be that she could turn the ship around quickly and get the company moving in a new direction.  In short, it was a suicide mission and Bartz rolled with the punches.

Bartz’s problem all along was threefold:

The current Top 20 sites globally according to Alexa – July 2011

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Every three months or so, I find it interesting to check the Top 20 listings at Alexa to find out which of the internet’s elite (approximately) pull the most traffic.  It’s also an interesting exercise to see which of the top 20 either move up or down in comparison to the others on the list to find out which sites are either on the rise or are starting to decline in popularity.

I last checked the rankings in July and I’m amazed to say that the top 12 sites in the world didn’t change whatsoever since then.  In actual fact, there was barely any movement at all and the same top 20 from July all site in top 20 that sites there today. As a result, Google are still operating three of the five most popular domains in the world –, and – with another three in the top 20 as well, continuing to hold their power as the most popular internet destination on the planet.

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